Our Craft


Natural decor is our specialty. We provide exceptional specimens and stunning accessories with the earth’s creations. Every mineral, coral, and fossil is acquired from the world’s finest sources.

Each art piece focuses on the natural specimen itself and its individual, striking inherent beauty. Specimens are carefully hand-selected and mounted with the utmost precision to bring out their natural balance and display a plethora of colors to even the most refined eye.

Our company acquires specimens from miners and suppliers that maintain environmentally conscious operations and follow the trade regulations of their respective countries. We comply with CITES, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Customs, AAPS, and state and federal trade laws.

The Owner

Micah Gilbert is a geologist, paleontologist, and gemologist with a trained eye for meticulously procuring high-quality specimens that make for exquisite decor. He received his bachelor’s degree in geology and master’s degree in mining and geological engineering as well as the GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma. Micah is also president of the Paleontological Institute of America (PIA), a Registered Master Valuer, and an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) specializing in the valuation of minerals and fossils.

Our Story

The Early Days

In 1982, Empress Gilbert first fell in love with the beauty of nature’s creations when she was shown a stunning mineral from Australia. Shortly thereafter, she began collecting minerals of all varieties for her home and to share with friends and family. Over the years, this hobby evolved into a home-based business during which her son, Micah Gilbert, became more involved in its inner workings.

empress 1980s

Empress’s 1980s Collection

Branching Out



In 2010, Empress and Micah formed Empressive GeoDesigns, Inc and purchased a building in the Dallas Design District. The formation of this company and their newly renovated showroom marked the beginning of their transition from a small home-based business into a notable presence in the art and design industries.

A cornerstone of their operations was the development of versatile design capabilities, which led to the production of diverse custom bases and mountings made of exotic woods, exquisite leathers, high-end acrylics, and polished metals including steel, brass, and bronze. With an enhanced presentation and capacity, they would provide artistically displayed natural specimens to clients from all over the world.

Dallas Showroom Renovation

Who We Are Today


In 2019, Micah became president and owner of the company and it was renamed Empressive Earth Gallery. His focus has been to offer a diverse selection of extraordinary specimens ranging from gem-quality crystals to authentic dinosaur fossils. The remarkable natural beauty and rarity of these pieces along with their unique presentation is renowned as the finest natural décor.